Library Policies, Rules and Regulations

Q: What are the Do's and Don'ts in the Library?

1. Maintain an environment conducive for study in the Library by not talking loudly, behaving in a rowdy manner or discussing freely in the Quiet Zone. If you do so, you may be asked to leave the Library.

2. Switch your mobile phones to vibrate/ silent mode when in the Library so as not to disturb other Library users. You will be penalized if you are caught receiving or making phone calls inside the Library.

3. Keep seats and Library furniture in their original positions. Do not reserve seats.

4. Handle Library materials with care.

  • • The Library intends to serve all its students and staff. Materials are to be shared for the common good, and the Library encourages users to use Library property carefully so that future users may also enjoy it.
  • • Lost, stolen, and missing books and other materials significantly damage the Library’s ability to provide the resources that students and staff need. Replacing items is expensive, and often it is impossible to buy even recent books and periodicals at any price.
  • • To protect books and periodicals from theft, the Library has installed a security system at the main exit. Materials that are not properly checked out will set off an alarm. If the alarm sounds, the user will be asked to return to the Circulation Counter for a Library staff to check for Library materials.
  • • Library staff are also conscious of the need to handle Library materials with care to extend the lifespan of the collections. No one wants to discourage use of the collections, but the Library asks users to join us in protecting the collections from damage.
  • • Library users can also help by being careful not to handle books roughly-especially older items and those that have brittle pages. We also ask users not to get Library materials wet or leave them where they will be exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • • Willful damage to Library material by theft and mutilation denies information to others. Anyone involved in such activity is subject to disciplinary measures.

5. Leave books on the tables or trolleys provided.

6. Do not litter, vandalize, and write on tables, chairs, book shelves or on walls.

7. Use the computers in the Library for research and study purposes. Do not access undesirable Internet sites, chat, email and play games on these computers. Do not install, customize or change the computer programmes in any way.

8. When photocopying Library materials, please observe the Copyright Act. You may photocopy only up to 10% of a publication.

9. When leaving the Library, use the exit gate which is equipped with an Electronic Security System.

10. Library staff on duty has the right to check books, files, bags that are being taken out of the Library.

11. The Library reserves the right to amend Library rules and regulations as and when necessary.


Q: What is the policy on eating and drinking in the Library?

A: Consumption of food and beverages is prohibited in most of the Library's public areas. However, food and beverages can be purchased and consumed in the Coffee Bar, Teo Soo Pin Library. Library staff will ask a user who does not follow these guidelines to comply and the Library staff reserves the right to require that the user to consume the food outside of the Library.

Enforcement of the Library's food and beverage policy is designed to ensure a clean study and work environment for users and staff, to aid in the preservation and care of collections, and to maintain a pest-free building. Food and spilled beverages attract insects and can cause damage to Library materials.


Q: What if I break any of these rules?

1. Disciplinary action will be taken, and/or fines imposed on users who:

  • • Mutilate Library materials;
  • • Steal Library property;
  • • Take out Library materials without borrowing them; and/or
  • • Lose materials borrowed from the Library.

2. The following action/s will be taken against those who violate any of the Library rules and policies:

  • • Asked to leave the Library;
  • • Suspended from using the Library and/or borrowing for a period of time; and/or
  • • Have the matter reported to the relevant Head of School/ Head of Department and/or VC's office.


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