Q: How are the books in the library shelved?
A: Please see our guide on How to Read Call Numbers in the Library

Q: Although the book I am looking for has not been borrowed and the status is “Available” as indicated in the Library Catalogue, I cannot locate it on the shelves. Why is this so?
A: There are a few possible reasons:

  • • Check if you are at the correct shelves. Books are shelved alphabetically by 3 or more letters followed by numbers.
  • • Book is currently in use by other users or left on the tables/sorting shelves.
  • • Book is wrongly shelved.
  • • There might be error in the call number you noted, please recheck with the Library Catalogue.
  • • Book could be at Circulation Counter as it has just been returned by other users.
  • • Book could be on display.

Please check at the Circulation Counter when this situation arises.


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