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 EP Insight
Emerald’s pick of articles on China-US Trade War
China and the United States have been engaged in a trade conflict through increasing tariffs and other measures and these tensions could erupt into a full-blown trade war. Recent reports suggest that the trade war has already inflicted lasting damage on the global economy, which will not be quick to recover even if a trade deal is reached.

Here are some articles touching on this basis:

A real driver of US–China trade conflict: The Sino–US competition for global hegemony and its implications for the future
Min-hyung Kim
International Trade, Politics and Development
Recapitulation of the relationship between economic thoughts and realities: Reflections on the prevalence of the westernized “Doctrine of the Mystery of China’s Growth”
Hua Liang
China Political Economy
Examining the shared development of socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics
Can Liu
China Political Economy
The nature of crowdfunding in China: initial evidence
Zaiyu Huang, Candy Lim Chiu, Sha Mo , Rob Marjerison
Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Creating a reliable financing mechanism for economic development
Yang Li
China Political Economy
Scientific and technological innovation related to real economic growth
Xiaoning Long
China Political Economy
Analysis of the innovation and development of the socialist market economy theory
Jiayong Hu
China Political Economy
Building a modern economic system: basic framework, key issues, and theoretical innovation
Zhibiao Liu
China Political Economy