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The Caterer (Archive) 0008-7777  go up
Economist 0013-0613  go up
National Geographic 0027-9358  go up
Harvard Business Review 0017-8012  go up

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Communication Culture and Critique 1753-9137  go up
Communication Theory 1468-2885  go up
Cuisine & Wine Asia 0219-0265  go up
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 1928-9655  go up
Gastronomica 1529-3262  go up
Global Media and Communication 1742-7665  go up
IET Digital Library   go up
Human Communication Research 1468-2958  go up
Information & Software Technology 0950-5849  go up
International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration 1525-6480  go up
Journal of Communication 1460-2466  go up
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication 1083-6101  go up
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research 1096-3480  go up
Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing 1054-8408  go up
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 2161-430X  go up
Tourism and Hospitality Research 1467-3584  go up
Saveur 1075-7864  go up
TTG Asia   go up
TTG Mice 0218-849X go up